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Aussie Home Energy

Welcome to our mobile site, offering you a great range of home energy reduction solutions. We are here to help you start reducing your electricity use and costs......

Electricity Reduction Services

Meter & Billing Analysis : Power Audits 

Great Opportunity : As an Aussie householder you now have help and solutions, for learning how to reduce electricity usage & costs, the smart way.

Big Savings : You have the chance of saving hundreds of $$s off your annual home electricity costs!

Electricity Reduction Products

Standby Reduction Switches : Monitoring

Reduce Your Power : Easily done by installing electricity standby reduction switches and home energy monitoring.

Understand Your Power Usage : Simple solutions for easy power monitoring. Giving you the feedback which up to now has been missing in your home!

Consumption & Solar Monitoring

LCD Monitors : Online Energy Dashboards

What Are You Exporting? : Not your roof top investment we hope! Monitor your consumption and solar power generation and see live import / export power.

Size Solar PV & Batteries : Easily remove guesswork and match the size of any future Solar PV or batteries accurately!

Energy Reduction Support

Friendly Help & Easy Documentation

Happy Customers : This is our No. 1 goal! We aim to understand you and importantly meet your needs 110%! 

Complete Solutions : We try hard to offer complete solutions, making any energy reduction service or product we offer, easy to understand and use !