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Aussie Home Energy

Welcome to our mobile site, offering you a great range of home energy saving solutions. We are here to help you start reducing your electricity use and costs.

Electricity Reduction Services

Electricity Reduction Services

Meter And Billing Analysis : Power Audits 

The Great Opportunity : As an Aussie householder you now have solutions, for learning how to reduce electricity usage and costs, the smart way.

Big Savings : You have the chance to save hundreds of $$s off your annual home electricity costs!

Electricity Reduction Products

Electricity Reduction Products

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Easily Reduce Your Power : Get the data you need to make educated decisions. Why not perform a DIY energy audit of your home? What could you be saving? 

Understand Your Power Usage : Simple and easy energy monitoring solutions. Giving you realtime feedback.

Consumption And Solar Energy Monitoring

Consumption / Solar Monitoring

LCD Monitors : Online Energy Dashboards

What Are You Exporting? : Not your roof top investment we hope! Monitor your consumption and solar power generation to see live import / export power.

Size Solar PV And Batteries : Easily remove guesswork, match the size of any future Solar PV or batteries accurately!

Smart Solar Power Diversion Dashboard

Maximise Your Solar Power

Home Automation At Its Best

Diverting Excess Solar : Your generated solar power sent to appliances on autopilot. Maximising your solar investment return quickly. 

Home Automation : A SMART online dashboard talking to a collection of Smart Plugs and Smart Appliances!