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Electricity Meter & Billing Analysis

Gain Control Of Your Power Costs

Stop The Confusion Now : Over frustrating hard to understand electricity bills and meters. We will check your meter type and analyse four of your electricity bills. 

Designed To Maximise : Your understanding of how your electricity is metered and billed. We will forward you a detailed analysis report, along with any cheaper electricity offers we find.

Gain Control Again : Unfortunately in Australia electricity metering and billing errors are still out there. You are not alone with this frustrating issue, where high electricity costs are affecting your life.

This Popular Service : Is used by householders, apartment tenants and Strata Management to highlight any meter and billing issues needing immediate attention. This service is carried out before any on-site Home Electricity Audit.

Further Information :  Is available on our main website and store. 

Home Electricity Audit Service

Discover What Is Chewing Your Power

Pinpoint High Power Users : Easily with our Home Electricity Audit service and written report. Designed to show you why your bills are high, what is using the power and what you can do to reduce the electricity bill. Meaning you could be saving hundreds of dollars!

Concerned Householders : If this sounds like you then we are here to help. Homes where electricity costs can be totally out of control!

Awareness & Education : Both are the key here, to making sure importantly after any power audit you stay on track. We will educate you on all aspects of:

- Electricity metering and billing
- Home electricity usage
- Energy efficient appliances
- Monitoring for consumption and solar
- Electricity retailers offers
- Wasted / standby electricity costs
- Electricity tariff differences / benefits
- Energy efficiency versus energy use

Not Forgetting : Whilst we are in your home we can discuss other power reducing alternatives, such as LED lights and solar power.

Further Information : Is available on our main website and store.  

Aussie Wide Electricity Help Telephone Consultation

Electricity Help For All Australians

No Matter Where You Live : We have you covered. This exciting Home Electricity Reduction Service, is built on the many successful years of delivering professional suggestions, for quick effective home electricity reduction and costs. 

Losing Money Fast : Means you need our help quickly. Especially when you have no idea how to stop the loss! The time is right now, to call our office! We are only going to charge you a fraction of your current losses!

We Offer You : A Home POWER Audit  telephone consultation, to help supply you with answers to questions as:

- Why your electricity usage is high?
- What is using standby / wasted power
- Where to reduce power use and costs
- What are efficient lights and appliances
- Does your power tariff suit your usage?
- Have you the cheapest electricity offer?

Further Information : Is available on our main website and store.  

Electricity Consumption & Solar Power Monitoring Service

Maximising Your Solar PV Investment

Stop Exporting Your Investment : We all want to make as much of a financial return as possible, when solar has been installed. Currently in NSW where little is paid for exported power, you run the risk of simply exporting any financial return.

Missing Information : With a non-monitored Net metered solar power system, your electricity bill is telling you what you have imported / exported. Annoyingly over a three month period. Rather late we would say to use that free power from the roof in a more efficient way!

Power Monitoring Offers : You with 6 second realtime information for your:

Generated Power
Imported Power
Total Consumption
Exported Power

Maximise Your Invesment : The easy way, with realtime feedback. Easy because you are now in control!

Size A Future Solar System : Remove the guesswork and see what you are really importing. Before generating your own power to replace this imported power.

Size Solar Power Batteries : Knowing all four parts of the missing information, will make this task easy and remove guesswork.

Easy Solutions For All Cases : To minimise home electricity costs and maximise your solar power investment. 24/7 access to energy monitoring data via any browser, tablet with a large selection of mobile applications.

Further Information : Is available on our main website and store.  

Other Services : We can also offer assessment and presentation services for:

- Solar Power

- LED Lighting

- Tenant Power Presentations

Please contact our office for information.